City of Ink….in Beijing’08

December 11, 2009

The City of Ink Movement is growing in MANY ways. Last year I got an email from a writer over in Germany by the name, Dooler. He wrote me about coming to the states and getting a tattoo done in all brown inks. I was really excited about it because I didn’t even know they knew about me over in Germany. I always had a London UK following and even a few from Paris…but never Germany. He called, Samba (the shop manager) booked his appointment and a few months later he was in the states for his tattoo. He was really cool and down to earth. The tattoo only took 3 hours to do because it was all brown ink so it was very a easy tattoo for me. Later that night me and Tuki wanted to show him what ATL was about so we met him over at “MJQ” on Ponce. It was friday night and DJ Rasta Root was doing his thang on the turntables. The music was dope that night so we all got drunk and partied the night away. Dooler invited us to Germany and asked if Tuki’s group “Hollyweerd” would come and perform in his country…I hope Tuki do it! Dooler inspired me in many way. To be his age and travel the world like he do is beautiful to me. I hope my children will oneday have that same desire to see the world and be inspired by other postive souls…2 weeks ago Dooler emailed me a photo of himself in Beijing for the summer games. Many blessings to you my brother, and cont’ to travel the world…people like you follow dreams and desires and that inspire those who only dream about it…keep making it reality.